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Welcome To Our New Home!

Posted by Randi LeVine on 2/15/14

Welcome to our new home!
Several months ago I was notified that FLS Discount Supplies web host, ProStores, was going out of business.  We were notified that our entire website at was going to disappear as of February 1, 2015.  So in the summer of 2014 I began the search for a new web host.  After much research into what host would allow us to provide our customers the most bang for the buck, so we could still offer great discount prices, we settled in with Bigcommerce.

As several of our loyal customers already know, we are a very small family owned business.  So I have learned much from working at Fred LeVine Services Inc, with dear ole dad.  He taught me several lessons in business.  Among the first was that buy as much product as you can to get the best price, so we can extend those savings to our customers.  While I was doing my research for our new web host, this concept was very much a part in helping me to choose the new home for FLS Discount Supplies, the subsidiary of Fred LeVine Services Inc.  I loved that bulk pricing discounts could now be built right into our eCommerce website.  So one of the best new features while shopping on is that several of our product pages will have a link under the "Add To Cart" button.  The text for the link says "Buy in Bulk and Save."  You can now hit that text to have a pop up window tell you what bulk discounts have been set up for that product.  I absolutely love that new feature.  That means coupon codes are not always necessary to receive great wholesale quantity discounts.  Once the amount is entered into the cart, the discounts are automatically applied at checkout.  

Please do not get disparaged if the product your looking at does not have this new "buy in bulk" feature.  It is more than likely because it just hasn't been added yet.  Please don't hesitate to email me for bulk pricing, I am always just an email away.  


Randi LeVine

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